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Tattoo artist

Brief info

Fabián is from Colombia. He’s been in the tattoo industry for 7 years. His
career started with the inspiration from his mother. He started drawing and
painting from a young age. Since then, he’s been inspired by art figures and
illustrations, including graffiti.
With the help of his colleagues, friends, and acquaintances, who taught
him the basics of tattooing, he was able to start his dream. He’s been known to
outshine in groups for being very detail-oriented. He makes sure not only his
work is beautiful but also that it’s well-constructed and original.
He specializes in neo traditional pieces of full color, fine and thick lines.
He’s also knowledgeable in body piercing.

“With time, I wanted to accomplish other dreams, visit other places, and
experience other cultures. I wanted to be inspired with new influences and work
with different artists– to continue learning and also to share my knowledge.”

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